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PRESENT – Gillian, Stuart, Julie, Phil, Richard, Helen, Stuart & Eve, Jeremy, Theresa & Gary, Rob & Debs, Adrian, Andy, Vicki

APOLOGIES – Julie Moore, Simon Richards, Andrew Spencer

PREVIOUS MINUTES – To clarify, for both plant fairs in Aberystwyth the fee will be £100.

MATTERS ARISING – Nothing to report on Menter a Busnes.

AGM – no changes to the committee.

Running total         £ 923.45
Membership fees    £ 533.14
Aberaeron Festival  £1257.24
4 Plant Fairs           £ 455.00
             TOTAL      £3169.00

WEBSITE – Richard will be running the website on a new server but the old one is still in use. He still needs updates on our nursery information. Could you please send him your info ASAP.

MEMBERSHIP FEE – After great discussion it was agreed that owing to substantial funds in the bank members should benefit by lowering the Membership fee to £30 per annum, to be paid on June 1st .  This may also encourage new members to join the group.

PLANT FAIRS -  fees will also be lowered  so here is a list of charges for this year:-
    Aberystwyth Plant Fairs     no charge
    Aberaeron Festival        £40
    Cilgerran Wildlife Centre    £15 (to cover advertisement, fliers & posters etc)
Stuart will phone Radio Ceredigion in advance to advertise.
Richard will send out a form for members to fill in re- attendance at plant fairs and fees.

CDGA leaflet distribution is as follows:-                 Stuart.A      -  Lampeter
                                                                         Theresa      -  Aberaeron
                                                                         Helen          -  Llanybydder
                                                                         Richard       -  Cardigan
                                                                         Rob             -   Aberystwyth
                                                                         Gillian         -  Tregaron
                                                                         Stuart         -   Newcastle Emlyn
                                                                         Alex            -   Pencader, LLandysul
                                                                         Andy           -   Aberystwyth Farmers Market

BOOKLET – Julie spoke to the group about publishing another booklet.  Costs would be £225 for a whole page, £130 half page and £80 a third of a page, for 20,000 copies, distribution included. We would keep the original title of Plant Lovers Guide to Ceredigion & District, and it would consist of 8 pages.  PDF versions could go out to reduce paper copies. It would be bi-lingual.
The group expressed an interest in the venture.

FACEBOOK – we now have several facebook pages as a group and Richard can make everyone ‘admin’ so that we can write on the pages and/or share them.  To be able to do this you have to ‘like’ the pages first and then Richard can give his permission.


Minutes of the Ceredigion & District Growers Association on 10th November 2016

PRESENT – Stuart, Phil, Gillian, Richard, Jeremy, Stuart & Eve, Debs, Rob

APOLOGIES – Julie (Cae Hir), Theresa, Gary


MATTERS ARISING – No further progress with Menter A Busnes.  David Mason  has agreed to talk about spraying in either late January – or first Thursday in February. Richard would like information on courses which could provide us with the appropriate certificates.

TREASURERS REPORT – nothing to add from last meeting and bank balance stands at £2,896.

PLANT FAIRS – Phil has spoken to Neil from the Butterfly House to hold a plant fair on possibly 8th July. As not everyone was willing to attend 3 stalls would be acceptable.
Jeremy has contacted the Rheidol Hydro Power Station who is having an environmental event in early July which we would have to apply for to attend, but publicity would be covered if we contacted them early enough.  Jeremy also approached Nanteos who have agreed that we could hold a plant fair there with no charge but we would have to organise everything ourselves.

Phil contacted Joseph from Aberglasney but there were too many problems with the venue eg. competing with their plant sales area, roadside and roundabout advertisements taken down by Carmarthenshire County Council, plant fairs have not had success in the past.

Richard has been in contact with the Welsh Wildlife Centre, Cilgerran, and they have a meadow available for us to hold a plant fair on 3rd June 10-3pm. The group could keep their cars close to their stalls so there would be no loading problems.  We have two choices with regard to admission, either the public pay £3 for parking their cars or we pay the trust a £200 donation. The group felt the one off payment would be the better option of the two. They would open the café and provide event insurance for us.  Over 500 people visit the trust on a Saturday! Richard will follow up.

Alison organiser of the Farmers Market in Aberystwyth is now going to charge £100 per event for our two plant fairs held in April and June, and the stall fee will be £25.

As the Hardy Plant Society who host the Rhos-y-gilwen plant fair in April is folding this year (Richard will take over organising it until 2018), the group may wish to take that event over.

The flyer can go ahead as only the Butterfly House venue needs to be confirmed.

WEB SITE – the web site is now over 8 years old and out of date, the package is not mobile friendly and would cost £156 to update.  Richard feels he can build a better web site for £75 with Moonfruit and using the old HPS space. In order to do this he needs the details plus photos of all our nurseries ASAP.  Next years password will be CGAGrower17.



PRESENT           - Stuart, Gillian, Phil, Jeremy, Adrian, Vicki, Debs, Rob
APOLOGIES       - Richard, Helen, Julie M, July A, Stuart K G, Denise, Theresa, Gary, Andy

PREVIOUS MEETING – minutes agreed

Vicki has asked 52 primary schools to let her know in principle if they would be interested in ‘the planting of wheelbarrows’ at the Aberaeron Garden Festival. 

TREASURERS REPORT – Nothing to report.

Stuart will contact them again.  Jeremy suggested we contact David Mason, the Regional Rep for BHGS (wholesale distributor) to speak to the group.

Various venues for new plant fairs were discussed and the following were mentioned:-  Nanteos Mansion, a separate plant fair rather than being tagged onto their summer fete.  Jeremy suggested the Magical Butterfly House as the pitch price would be low if any. Not all members would have to attend.  Llanover near Abergavenny (part of the Rare Plant Fairs) as according to Vicki over 800 people attend.  Aberglasney could be a good event as they do not hold any plant fairs there at the moment.  Phil to contact Joseph, Head Gardener. Adrian raised Norwood Gardens and will get in touch with Crispin. At the next meeting members will be asked as to how many they might attend and which.  Gillian to contact Mrs Gee, Llanllyr to ascertain whether the opening of their garden this year is going ahead. Vicki also mentioned the possibility of a late summer plant fair at Rhos-y-gilwen.  Phil suggested that at the smaller plant fairs the CDGA fee could be waived and the money used for advertising instead.  
It was agreed by the group that the plant fair advertisement in the NGS booklet will be paid by the CDGA.

The group welcomed Debs and Rob from Daisy Chain Nursery and thanked them for attending the meeting. They were given Richard Cains contact details to put their nursery information onto the website.  Richard has asked that all other new and existing nurseries need to check and update their details and pictures if necessary, as it is important that the website is up to date.




WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS – no new members attended the meeting. Four other nurseries were agreed by the group and will be invoiced by Phil.


TREASURERS REPORT – Phil presented a detailed treasurers report for the Aberaeron Garden and Craft fair. Profit was £1287.24.  The CDGA bank balance now stands at £2752.90. The £30 advertisement in the Town Guide has not yet been paid as they have not sent in their bill. Helen will contact them.  Jeremy raised the question as to whether we are a profit making organisation or not, as free advertisements may be available in certain places. The answer is, we are not.

PLANT FAIRS  -  it was agreed at the last meeting that the CDGA contribution of £10 should not be waived for the Cae Hir plant fair. Only 2 members have still to pay. Phil to collect. 
Who should run Cae Hir Open Day and Plant Fair was discussed quite extensively and it was agreed by the group that Stuart will take over the running and advertising and set a stall fee. The CDGA will not collect its £10 as they will not have to pay for advertising. Stuart suggested a minimum of 7 CDGA stalls was workable, however if that were not possible they could invite other nurseries. It was also stipulated that the flyers for all the events should be completed by xmas and will be funded by the CDGA.


Aberaeron Garden and Craft Fair  -  sub-committee report headed by Richard was read out by the chairman and commented on by the group.  It was agreed that the annual membership fee will remain the same.  It was agreed that the profits should be ploughed back into our plant fairs to      improve them. E.g. ask a professional garden speaker to Aberaeron and/or explore the possibility of setting up another plant fair. Possible sites were Nanteos, University rugby pitch in Lampeter, Machynlleth area.  This will be discussed further at the next meeting when Richard is present. The committee thought pitch sizes were ok but the group found them too small
and in view of how large the field is, felt we could have spread out a little more whilst keeping the group together.
Although the balance of nurseries was good if the group grows this must be taken into account. Food stalls to be reviewed next year. Large marquee worked very well but small marquee was unused so we need to look into how to utilize it given the work involved in erecting it. Vicki will look into ‘schools planting wheelbarrows’ as an added attraction. It was decided that one disabled portaloo was all that was needed.  The committee suggested we contact local bus companies as a promotional opportunity to bring people nearer to our plant fairs. This was agreed.  It was felt that the music was not worth the £110. To be discussed further.
The information point regrettably didn’t happen. Suggestions included an unmanned one or Jeremy to volunteer again.
Dates are needed for next year, the following have been agreed:-
     8th April  Aberystwyth Spring Plant Fair
     23rd April  Rhos-y-gilwen
     1st May  Cae Hir
     28/29th May Aberaeron Garden and Craft Festival
     10th June Aberystwyth Summer Plant Fair
     St Dogmaels plant fair to be dropped.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS -  we need to contact Menter a busnes concerning subjects we would like them to help us with. Suggestions include Spraying and Media and IT.

Next meeting is THURSDAY 13th October, The Feathers.

Minutes of the Ceredigion and District Growers Association 9.6.2016


Present – Stewart, Gillian, Jeremy, Helen, Ad, Richard, Theresa, Gary, Adrian


Apologies – Julie, Phil, Julie Moore, Denise


Previous minutes approved




CAE HIR  - Stewart said considering the wet weather the footfall was reasonable although profits were down. The car count in the car park was 100 compared to 125 last year, although a few were probably parking in the village. Feedback from the questionnaire showed that there was a reasonable spread of people from the surrounding villages and they knew about the venue through returning each year, and word of mouth rather than social media.  Improvements suggested were; equipment stalls, demos, advice surgeries, and better advertisements, more seating, better road signage. Others thought there was no need to do anything.


Members on the day fed back a reduction of takings, so the CGA contribution was not collected. Gary thought despite the circumstances this should still happen to ensure the increase in funds to pay for advertisements, group outings or just improving the events. This was then agreed by the group and subs taken. The Treasurer is usually responsible for the collection but due to unforeseen circumstances this year it could not happen. A decision as to who collects should be agreed at the meeting before each Plant Fair. The 10% rule still applies to smaller nurseries.


Stuart felt that because we the CGA had approached him to hold a plant fair at Cae Hir it was our responsibility to advertise it and support it. A discussion took place as to whether it is a shared event or not and at the next meeting we need to discuss further to determine a fair outcome for both parties concerned.


Richard suggested that in order to make informed decisions in the future the group should have a formal written Agenda and minutes at the meeting. Members are responsible for informing the Chairman before the meeting any matters which they want to raise at the meeting so it can be put on the Agenda.


ABERAERON FESTIVAL – As several people were organising the event we do not have a breakdown of funds yet. Treasurer to send a report as soon as possible.


Jeremy raised the issue of advertising and suggested we have bilingual material to maximise the places to which we can take it. Some will not accept English only. It was suggested we approach Cambrian News at the end of the season to write an article about the festival and maybe send a photographer as it has become a main event on the calendar.  Five sponsors were found this year.


The small marquee was not used? Is it really necessary?


Julie felt that the roaming musicians were not worth it as they could not be heard by everyone. Amplified music on a loop was suggested as the music entertainment licence would only be £26.


It was agreed that there were too many food stalls but as Richard pointed out a couple of them were meant to be selling products not cooked food.  One particular stall has asked for their money back as they ended up on the wrong pitch. As they required electricity and used it this should be paid for.


Dog signage was a success, there were only 3 people with dogs in the two days.


At our next meeting we will discuss the number of stalls and type of stall for the following year. 


OTHER BUSINESS – Jeremy will speak to Mentor Business about the workshop as in principle support has been confirmed.


New members are Andy Cook, Herbs, (paid),  Simon Richards, Lamphey Walled Garden, and Charles Warner, Quinky Plants.  The fee will be £33 for the rest of the year. Treasurer to invoice.


Application forms to be sent to Darren Shipp, Edi Plants, Henllan, and Lynne Fischer, Plants from Poppit.



NEXT MEETING -  8th September, 7.30pm at The Feathers









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